Fostering in Wales

Fostering in Wales

Fostering a child in Wales is such a rewarding experience!

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Fostering Outcomes is an independent fostering agency.  We recruit, train and support people from a variety of backgrounds to become Foster Carers and enable them to look after children who cannot live with their own families.

We’re preferred or Tier 1 providers on the South Wales Local Authorities’ Fostering contract (4 Cs) which means we work with all the authorities in South Wales.

The last review of this contract (01/05/14) put us in the top three providers.  This means we’re one of the first agencies to be contacted when a local authority in South Wales is looking for a foster home for a young person.  Due to the requirements of this contract we’re always looking for new Foster Carers.  So if you have a spare bedroom and can provide a warm loving home for a young person we’d love to hear from you.

Our Foster Carers and Social Workers are based across the whole of South Wales – from Swansea to Monmouth and from Cardiff to the Brecon Beacons.

With our new office open in Cardiff we aim to provide even more support to our Cardiff and Newport Carers and build on the great work undertaking by the Swansea office.  However, we will continue to provide support groups and training venues across all of South Wales.  So where ever you live in South Wales, there’ll still be a group or venue close to you.

Fostering Outcomes enjoys a good reputation as an agency of high standards achieiving good outcomes for young people.  We keep our social workers’ caseload numbers low so that they can provide high quality & immediate support when needed.  Being independent also means we can and will not compromise on our standards or quality of service.

Please take a moment to look at our fees and allowances page.  We believe we offer our carers one of the best packages available.  This goes hand in hand with our high levels of support.

In South Wales, we are recruiting carers…

  • With wider age approval categories e.g. 5- 18 yrs or 0 -18 years;
  • Who are able to take 1 or more children. This means having at least one spare room!;
  • Who might consider caring for children (of all ages) with disabilities;
  • Who may be able to provide accommodation for a parent and child together.

People often think of younger children as easier to work with.  This isn’t always the case.  Young people in care can be very emotionally needy.  There can be much higher demands on you to support them with family visits etc.  We’d ask you to think very carefully about the sorts of young people you would like to care for.
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