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Fostering Outcomes is an independent fostering agency which recruits, trains and supports people from a variety of backgrounds to become Foster Carers to enable them to look after children who cannot live with their own families.

We are preferred or Tier 1 providers on the South Wales Local Authorities’ Fostering contract (4 Cs) which means we work with all the authorities in South Wales . On completion of the last review of this contract (01/05/14) we have been informed we are in the top three providers. In practice we are amongst the first agencies to be contacted when a local authority is looking for a foster home for a young person. Due to a lack of vacancies we have a shortage of foster carers and urgently need to recruit more in all areas of South Wales.

Our Foster Carers and Social Workers are based across the whole of South Wales from Swansea to Monmouth and from Cardiff to the Brecon Beacons. Although our office is based in Swansea, we provide local support groups and training venues across South Wales. Where ever you live in South Wales they’ll be a group or venue close to you.

As a Tier 1 provider we currently we have very few vacancies amongst our carers in South Wales and we are not able to place many of the young people the local authorities are looking to place with us. So if you’re thinking of fostering or maybe transferring from your exisiting agency please make an enquiry.

Fostering Outcomes has a good reputation amongst local authorities. We’re an independent agency and this means we work with all the authorities across South Wales. As a local authority carer you are tied to the one authority which limits the opportunities for placements.

Our social workers have low caseload numbers to enable them to provide high quality and immediate support when needed. Being independent also means we will not compromise on our standards or quality of service.

Please take a moment to look at our fees and allowances page as we believe we offer our carers one of the best packages avaiable as well as high levels of support.

In South Wales we are focussed on recruiting carers;

  • With wider age approval categories e.g. 5- 18 yrs or 0 -18 years
  • Able to take 1 or more children. This means having at least one spare room.
  • Who might consider caring for children with disabilities of all ages
  • Who may be able to provide accommodation for a parent and child together, sometimes this means Parents over the age of 18.

Frequently people think of younger children as being easier to work with but frequently this is not the case as young people in care can be very emotionally demanding and there can be much higher demands on you to support them with family visits etc. So we will ask you to think very carefully about the sort of young people you would like to care for.

By applying below you are agreeing to one of our team giving you a call back to discuss fostering and whether it is right for you. There is no commitment at this stage and please feel free to ask any question you wish. Good luck and we wish you the very best with your fostering career.

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